Spa Arrival
Please arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment times. Appointments will end on time to ensure the next treatment starts on time.

Maximize Your Experience
I encourage you to communicate your preferences throughout your treatment. I will continually adjust to your comfort level as needed. Whether it's the pressure of your massage, music volume, or otherwise, informing your therapist will ensure a great experience!

Someone is not always available to answer your call. Leaving a message will help me serve you quicker.

In order to get the appointment time best for suited for your schedule, it is recommended that you call as far in advance as possible.  Same day calls for bookings are more than welcomed, however, they are subject to availability and timing.  Weekends and holidays tend to book quickly so advanced booking is recommended.

Your appointment time is reserved especially for you. In the event that you need to cancel your scheduled treatment with us, I ask that you please cancel 24 hours in advance, as a courtesy to us so that we may possibly accommodate the needs of other clients. Guests who do not give 24-hour cancellation notice will be charged in full for all services booked.

Medical Coverage
As a registered massage therapist I am licensed to treat your needs.  Please check your Extended Medical Packages.  You may already be covered.

Gratuities and Taxes
Tipping is always left to the discretion of our clients. As in all service related businesses, it is common practice to tip the person who has performed to the satisfaction of the customer.
Unless noted, gift certificates for services do not include gratuities or taxes.
All prices subject to Goods and Services Tax



Relaxing Tips:

Reduce Stress
Stress creates disease and ages the tissues of the body-especially the skin. Exercise, massage therapy, aromatherapy, yoga, breath work and meditation are highly effective against stress. Consult with one of our body therapists or have a Deep Relaxation session to learn more.

Drink Plenty of Water
Your skin needs lots of water to function properly as an excretory organ. Avoid dehydrating beverages like diet sodas, coffee, black tea and alcohol. Drink plenty of water after each massage therapy session.


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